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HCH OE Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2012, the company is located in the beautiful coast of the Yangtze river– taixing city, the distance is not more than 50 kilometers from wuxi, changzhou, Yangzhou, Water and land transportation is developed.

HCH OE make sapphire/quartz/other optical glass windower, sapphire/quartz/other optical glass lens prism,

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Top Quality Spherical Lenses Manufacturers

HCH OE Technology Co., Ltd is counted among the top spherical lenses manufacturers in China, we produce millions of spherical quality lenses every year. Whether you spherical or cylindrical lenses in minimum quantity for prototyping, or in dozens for pre-production, or in huge stock for full-scale production, we can ensure your success in all terms and projects.

Our serving capabilities are not only restricted being spherical lenses manufacturers, or it’s not only the equipment we have; but it’s also something that enables our operators and engineers to use for multiple applications like; fabrication, coating, and metrology.

Being a dedicated custom lens manufacturer, we have all the required equipment for producing a variety of high precision optics to provide our customers. Our technicians use grinders, spindle polishers, mills, double-sided polishers; MRF polishing, automated cleaning equipment, CNC mills, spectrophotometers polishers and edger’s; e-beam, IAD coaters, and interferometers.

Insight into our Optical products

All of our optical products are frequently used in laser, measuring instruments, aerospace, infrared, optical equipment, rocket satellite, and many other high-tech fields. Since our company name stands among the best optic manufacturing companies, hence our products are mainly exported to European and American markets. In the meantime, they’re also sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic, Spain, and other well-established countries.

What else? Our company is known for proving incredible services, and commendable products at the most reasonable prices for clients and customers around the world. Currently, we also own highly efficient technology research team which excels in design, development, and other optical production with skilled team workers who’re highly experienced, capable of handling sophisticated technology, and skilled operation.

The list of optical products we manufacture includes;

  • Cylindrical lenses
  • IPL Guide
  • Optical prisms
  • Sapphire parts
  • Sapphire window
  • Spherical lenses

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