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Sapphire window

Posted on: May 11th, 2018

Sapphire Window is stronger and thinner than standard glass windows,improved transmission values in the visible and near infrared spectra. Sapphire is a structurally stable monocrystal and as the second hardest crystalline material after diamond, windows can be manufactured thinner than standard glass types. Sapphire Windows’ thin substrates, combined with high efficiency AR coatings, make them ideal for any rugged imaging, laser-based, or visual applications requiring protective windows. It is a parallel plane plate, usually used as a protective window for detectors in electronic sensors or external environments. The window slice does not change the magnification of the system. Base material is synthetic sapphire, we also provide coating, high membrane, beamsplitters, metal film and other optical coating, can be used in the ultraviolet, visible light and near infrared and infrared wavelengths.



Best Sapphire Window Suppliers Online at Reasonable Price! 

Looking for optic stuff? We have some best ones ranging from prisms to sapphire windows at wholesale price. We are the best sapphire window suppliers who know what and how to produce so all optical businesses can take advantage of us.

At HCH Optical, our expert manufacturing team produce this optic window from single crystal sapphire, which possesses high thermal conductivity, extreme surface hardness, high dielectric constant and strongly resistant to common alkalis and chemical acids.

Our manufactured sapphire windows are versatile for specific demanding applications like; laser systems.

What other products we have?

Apart from providing sapphire optic lenses and windows, we also deal in manufacturing other optic products as well, including;

  • Prisms
  • Lenses
  • Windows
  • Beam splitters
  • Waveplates
  • Polarizers
  • Mirrors
  • Filters

The best perk of buying all these optical products from HCH Optical is, we not only make them in standard design but in customized design as well to fulfill our client’s and customer’s requirement.

Quality & Features of our products

Before heading on towards striking features of our provided sapphire windows, you must know about our quality criteria. Before shipping each product, we thoroughly inspect them to make sure it stands on our client’s requirement or not. Our Optical metrologies include; goniometer, spectral photometer, and interferometers, they all ensure exact measurement of all specifications.

Features of our Sapphire Windows

  • It helps in transmitting wavelengths Ranging From UV to Mid-Infrared
  • Consists of an extreme surface hardness, and strong chemical resistance
  • Thinner and Stronger than Standard Glass Windows

We’re capable enough to create an exact model of product which you would have imagined. Hence, we embrace taking new projects for making special optical components.

Our products are delivered mainly in Europe, North America, Asia, and in other global markets. While, our clients mainly belong to corporate industries, academic institutions, and government laboratories. No matter to which industry you belong, you’ll always found us to be a dedicated and long-term supplier of your company.


Circle, rectangle, step and other.


Double sided polishing 80/50 or better


High temperature resistant

High Strength

Scratch resistant

Corrosion resistant


Circular Window:Diameter=5-300mm,Thickness=0.3-30mm

Rectangular Window: Diagonal=5-300mm,Thickness=0.3-30mm

Other Window: Mix diagonal after the projection=5-300mm,Thickness=0.3-30mm

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