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Do you know these best Uses of Sapphire Windows?

Posted on: March 4th, 2019

Have you ever wondered who actually introduced sapphire windows? Well, it was first founded by MR. Jeffery Leo in 1989. This was the time when he was not satisfied with the quality of glass, then he challenged himself to produce the best windows in his own small humble factory in Singapore.

From that time till now, the sapphire windows are made in gigantic amount for various fields ranging from medical to military, and commercial uses. Markets are getting flooded with many brands who’re providing these windows in plenty of styles, where each variety is applicable for specific application.

Before we emphasize the significant uses of sapphire windows, first we’ll take a quick glance towards the definition of it, what sapphire windows actually are;

What is Sapphire Windows?

Sapphire is an artificially developed overly hard material that is amazingly tough and impervious to scratches. It seconds just to precious stone as far as its quality. Sapphire windows can withstand more than what quartz and traditional glass can, and at a small amount of the thickness.

Sapphire precious stones are “developed” in very hot stoves. The huge, barrel-shaped boules are cut into sapphire bars, which are then cut into slight circles, ground, and cleaned.

Important Uses of Sapphire Windows

What makes sapphire windows well demanded in the market is its unique properties such as; high scratch resistance, high thermal conductivity, wide optical transmission band, high strength, extremely high melt temperature, chemical inertness, and high electrical resistance.

· Commercial Uses of Sapphire Windows

In terms of commercial uses, the sapphire windows are widely used in making sapphire display windows which mainly helps in protecting phone’s optics.

The latest iPhone manufacturers use sapphire windows as its fracture toughness is much greater than Gorilla Glass, which is just a braced conventional glass.

· Military Uses of Sapphire Windows

No other industry will need sapphire windows in great quantity than military industry, so it’s easy to figure out why sapphire window suppliers are demanded in this industry. However, sapphire is enduring enough to retain its characteristics even if passes under high heat, high impact, high pressure, acidity, and every that thing which can be expected to affect its features. This makes it best for protecting lasers, and vital optics etc.

Moreover, sapphires are also used in ground and water-borne vehicles for protecting vision system including; cameras, lasers.

· Medical Uses of Sapphire Windows

In the medical field, the most common medical applications regarding sapphire windows are for doing an endoscopy. Endoscopic instruments contain little cameras and are brought into the body of the patient to enable specialists to perform activities, make analyze, and watch.

Sapphire windows are utilized to ensure endoscopic instruments since they are scratch safe, simple to clean and purify, and synthetically latent. Additionally, they can be utilized for quite a long time and years without being supplanted.

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